Our family message

We intend to send light and love to the world. From within us, and through our surroundings. -The heart of peace – We are born out of love, Love is our mother.

During the retreats, the family weekend and all others soulful gatherings within this close-knit community, the foundation is laid for a deepened relationship between parent and child – also and especially when they return home. To a child l-o-v-e is spelled t-i-m-e, and the unforgettable moments of this journey together leave a gold-rimmed imprint. A permanent safe space, in which both feel seen and heard. A flowing connection between parent and child. No one is perfect – and that’s definitely not the aim – but learning to live from the heart and not just the head can make a world of difference. This also includes a frayed edge, it always remains pure and real.

Every human being is a spiritual being, every human being is essentially nature – only sometimes we forget that. Children in particular are creatures that are extremely open, but that can sometimes fade into the background with all the outside forces. The purpose of this retreat is to awaken spiritual awareness, to allow children to fully blossom. That doesn’t have to be woowoo at all. It is simply about the connection between body, mind and soul, with each other and with planet earth on which we are allowed to live. The next generation is the future, and that future is in our hands.