Last year I went on holiday with my daughter Bobbi for the first time for a week. I liked it so much that I did it again this year. This time one week together at the My Daughter and me Retreat in Ibiza. Do you have a daughter and do you want to go away together? Read on! What a special week it was! It was the last week of October. We have been back for a while already but I’m still reminiscing. I still notice what a week together with my daughter is doing, I feel that our bond has become stronger and we are really connected again. Something I still benefit from on a daily basis.


Another goal is to provide quality time for you as a mother, to re-connect with yourself. This week we succeeded in doing that as well. I was away from work and busy for a while. Through the sun on my skin, a clear blue sky, lying on a nice bed, in a lovely house and dip in the pool; I came to my senses again and got some rest in my head.
The founders of the My Daughter and me Retreat are Renu & Liza. Renu & Liza complement each other perfectly! I knew Liza from a previous retreat where I was. She did the children’s program there and worked as a children’s yoga teacher aswell. Liza was so much fun there with all the kids! She has a very nice positive personality & free spirit. I therefore think it’s great that she has set up her own retreat, because this suits her perfectly! 

Liza; “Living from your heart is something I find very important in guiding children. Children already do this by nature: living in the here and now. We adults can learn a lot from that”

Renu, her husband and daughter Skye Avelon (8 years old) came to Ibiza six years ago. Life on Ibiza has taught her to live in nature where you have more time for yourself and for each other. Their house; Casa Amores is the perfect location for this retreat; light, stylish, positive and child friendly! Renu finds it important to do everything she does with love and attention. You can really see this during the retreat itself; how the breakfast is presented, the presents are wrapped, the room is decorated and how the activities are conceived. Everything was arranged with so much attention and love. Also how she raises her daughter; conscious, lively and free, is very inspiring!

Renu; “I would like to transfer my life to mothers who are swallowed up by the busy city life. I can see from my daughter how valuable our time together is, which is priceless”. 

Creating unforgettable and loving memories

We have created unforgettable and loving memories together this week. The morning started for the mothers with yoga on the roof of the house in the sun, followed by a delicious breakfast.
We have created unforgettable and loving memories together this week. The morning started for the mothers with yoga on the roof of the house in the sun, followed by a delicious breakfast.
After that we usually went for a nice swim and relaxing, followed by lunch. Not cooking for a week is really such a luxury, absolutely fantastic! In the afternoon there was something nice organised every day. From a hike to a special beach, a photo shoot with a view of Es Vedra, Picnicking and baking sandwiches in the forest and even an evening cinema in the open air! All the activities were fun and special.
The music session with Lex Empress was also an experience I will never forget. She sang a song from her intuition, especially for me and Bobbi. Difficult to explain, but if you go to this retreat I hope this part is on the program again. Oh and the dressing up evening, was certainly a very good ending!
Besides all the activities, food is also an important part of this retreat. Every day we lovingly prepared delicious vegetarian meals, as pure as possible. Like delicious smoothies, homemade granola, homemade banana bread, healthy salads with lots of vegetables, freshly made soups and delicious healthy desserts. A fresh cappuccino in the morning and organic wines in the evening were not missing either!
The combination of time for yourself, time with your child, a magical island, wonderful weather, a special house, the little details, sweet gifts, delicious healthy food, yoga, seeing your child having fun with the other girls, fun activities and cozy mothers were definitely worth the while! It was such a great week!


My Daughter and Me retreat: this is how you strengthen the magical bond between you and your daughter in Ibiza.

A 7-day retreat especially for mothers and daughters between 6 and 12 years old. Liza Bot and Renu Kashyap are the hosts and sweet women behind this great initiative. Renu worked as a stylist for several fashion magazines. She left the fast-paced Amsterdam for an idyllic finca on Ibiza. Here she can let her daughter Skye Avelon (8) grow up free and closer to nature. Liza worked at a nursery/day care as an organisation manager in Amsterdam. She also missed something in the busy city and found it on Ibiza. Renu and Liza share their love for yoga, a healthy lifestyle and a piece of spirituality that they love to experience together with their family. The ‘My Daughter and Me retreat’ is a sum of their friendship and shared passion for a conscious way of life. And how wonderful it is that they already give such young people the chance to get to know themselves better in a safe environment – together with their mother – to blossom… We talked to the ladies about their upcoming retreat from 12 to 19 October, for which there are only 2 places left. Something for you?

My Daughter and Me retreat: this is how you strengthen the magical bond between you and your daughter in Ibiza.

Renu: ‘I know the feeling that you have to keep all the balls in the air. Your family, work, your social life, the gym etc. When I go to the Netherlands I can see the fatigue and stress of urban mothers in their eyes. Often there is simply not enough time to connect more deeply with their daughter. During the retreat we do offer that quality time together. We also help mother and daughter on their way in making a connection, even when there is little time. Really being able to see and feel each other again is a wonderful gift’.
Renu: ‘Skye has been the inspiration for our retreat. I often talk to her about my personal development. How important it is to feel. Bas (my husband) and I want our daughter to blossom instead of slowing down, punishing or rejecting her. Being able to look at her without judgment is sometimes a challenge, but it helps to make her fully who she is. Skye is the biggest mirror for me and she can teach me a lot too. I involve her in my process, and that it doesn’t matter if you don’t always know what to do or feel. My process is more about self-reflection and consciousness, than trying to do everything perfectly.’
By not placing expectations with Skye and taking responsibility for my feelings, Skye can be her pure self and that connects us. Living from the heart, gratitude and lifting each other up is something I find very important and also teach Skye. Happiness is within ourselves and not outside. But the most important thing for our connection is time and sincere attention. That’s priceless.
Liza: ‘Lifting each other up, really seeing each other, being there for each other and talking about your feelings are themes that come up during the retreat. Everything starts with consciousness. We give mother and daughter inspiration that they can share at home with the other family members. Even if it is only the fact that the mother and daughter feel better about themselves and have made a deeper connection. Everyone who is part of the family reaps the benefits of this, because the emotions in a family can synchronize. Positivity has a great impact and you automatically pass on to others’.
Liza: ‘During this retreat, the connection between mother and daughter is central. But we also offer ME-time for the mothers themselves. After all, every mother has also been a daughter; the process from girl to woman is very recognizable for them. This completes the circle. We let the soft feminine energy flow, which is at the same time very powerful. The retreat program we have devised ourselves and comes straight from our hearts. The connection between head and heart is central. In addition, the challenge is to get more and more connection with your heart during the retreat, so that you dare to live from that place. All activities contribute to this growth process which hopefully will continue to flourish long after this experience’.
Renu: ‘On the contrary. I myself wish I could have been here as a child. Many people around me only start their spiritual development as adults. Then it’s a lot harder to break through fixed patterns. I think it’s great that this offer for children is now there, bringing them closer to their pure selves. My daughter Skye participates in the program at every retreat and I see her developing, which is great to see. We teach the children to express their emotions and give them certain values. For example, that this week we are a close ‘tribe’ and therefore take care of each other and support each other. Nobody is excluded. We use assignments to reward the children when they do something nice for someone else and then put them in the spotlight for a while. Or we work on their self-confidence by making them say something with a talking stick in the girls circle. They get a crystal workshop and learn what the healing stones do and how they can manifest their dreams. Lex Empress also sings a ‘soul song’ for mother and daughter; a song she makes especially for them, always with a spiritual message’.
Renu: “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become.” This quote shows how we deal with children, but also with adults. Liza and I both have a lot of love to give and always see the beauty and potential in people. In Liza I found my other half. Her love for children, nature, spirituality and healthy nourishment match exactly with how I envisage the upbringing of my daughter; conscious, high-spirited and free’. There are only 2 places left for the upcoming My Daughter and Me retreat from 12 to 19 October. For more information and bookings take a look on