A time
for love

A pampering week for mothers and daughters on the magical island of Ibiza. Seven days to get closer to yourself, your daughter and nature To connect and reflect on the special bond you have. This week was created to inspire, to celebrate life and love and to take you on a journey to our world.

Our world consists of living from the heart instead of the head and living in the moment. Another word for love is time. In other words, this is your mother daughter moon; A treat for mothers and daughters

My Daughter and Me

4 times a year we will host a connection week for mother and daughter on ibiza. Twice in the May holiday and twice in the Autumn holiday. Main focus is to have a piece of mind, getting away from work, daily routines and relaxing in the sun. You will totally come at ease with yourself and each other all in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Feeling the sun on your skin, seeing a clear blue sky, enjoying a swim in the pool and having quality time with your daughter.

It is the perfect blend of connecting, fun, self-development, healthy eating, creativity and being outside together. This week week is just for you and your daughter together: You guys need more time and connection for each other. You stand in life consciously, and you allow yourself and your daughter this experience. Time does not exist, but your daughters’ time flies by so fast and you want to take this into account now.

You are adventurous and love to travel, love healthy food and yoga.

For a child lover is spelled: T-I-M-E


May and October are beautiful months on this special island. In May the island is in bloom, in October you can still swim in the light blue sea. The light, the absence of large crowds of tourists and the nature give you exactly that peace and quiet that will bring you back to yourself for a while.

Ibiza may have the reputation of ‘party island’ but that is just a small aspect of this magical place that has been attracting artists and musicians since the 1920s and where people with a free spirit feel at home

Healthy Food


The house is in a beautiful and stylish location in the North of Ibiza.This place is unique on the island and will certainly contribute to an unforgettable week in nature. Located on the countryside where you will only hear the sounds of birds, sheep, frogs and wake up in silence while the rising sun illuminates the house.

The finca (Spanish villa) has 7 bedrooms. Several rooms have a private terrace that offers enough privacy when you feel the need. The swimming pool with spacious terrace is the center of the location and the extension of the ‘outdoor’ living room.
It is a nice house for children because of the spacious garden and large pool. The finca is fenced and therefore completely safe. Next to the terrace there is a large garden. There is a cottage with parakeets, a pond with goldfish and frogs. The villa is located in the north of the island, just 10 minutes by car from several beautiful sandy beaches. The villages of Santa Gertudis and Sant Juan are a 5 minute drive from the house

Our adventures

Love stories

Rivarna & Cameron (12)
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Jullie weten half niet hoeveel jullie voor ons en onze band met elkaar betekend hebben. We zijn jullie ontzettend dankbaar en zullen dit nooit vergeten
Debby , Yentle & Fajah (6)
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Ik had dit voor geen GOUD willen missen. Ieder moment van de dag was AMAZING. Samen de wereld transformeren. Samen lachen, huilen, troosten, knuffelen en lieve woorden. Zo van betekenis voor ons.
Marjolein en zus (7)
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Bedankt voor deze waardevolle week mijn dank is groot!!! AHO! 
Ella & Emilie (12) 
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We zijn enorm dankbaar dat deze retreat op ons pad kwam. Dat we jullie hebben mogen leren kennen. Dankbaar voor onszelf dat we de keuze hiervoor maakten. 
Rebecca, Chloe en Elize (6)
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Het was intens, spannend, gezellig en leuk tegelijk, het waren fantastische dagen
Yvette & Julia (8) 
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Dankbaar zijn we voor deze magische, moeder en dochter sisterhood week. Wat we hebben mogen ontvangen is ontelbaar groot en krachtig. 
Marie - Helene & An (10) 
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Woorden schieten te kort! Het was prachtig, buitengewoon! Echt bedankt voor alles wat jullie doen! 
Janien & Frédérique (8)
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Dankbaar voor alles! Zo liefdevol, welkom, magisch Top mama’s & top kids. Zo verbonden. Onuitwisbare ervaring!
Steffie & Nori (6)
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Bedankt voor deze unieke en bijzonder ervaring! Niet zomaar een vakantie, maar een leer les. 1 om nooit meer te vergeten!
Pippa & Ilse (10)
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Jullie zijn liefde, geven liefde, leven in liefde. Daar even deel van te mogen zijn is het allermooiste cadeau wat ik in mijn leven heb mogen ontvangen. Dat mijn dochter dit mag meedragen is zo waardevol.