Together with my husband and daughter Skye Avelon ( 8 years old) I came to Ibiza 6 years ago,first for 2 months, but actually never left after those 2 months.

Life on Ibiza gives us a high quality of life. A life in nature where you have more time for yourself and for each other. The island has brought us so much, that I recently published a coffee table book: Ibiza Bohemia.It is full of pictures of the most authentic islanders, characters and style setters… But it’s about much more than that; about spirituality, love and freedom. I think it’s important to do everything I do with love and attention. I care about craftsmanship and quality. This can be in small things, how you present your breakfast, a gift wrapping or what food you eat. I’m a stylist, and I think it’s important that everything looks beautiful. Our house feels light and positive and is the heart of our mother and daughter retreat, My Daughter & Me. I would like to transfer my life to mothers who are swallowed up by the busy city life. With My Daughter & Me I want to find the connection between mothers and daughters. Real quality time for each other but also ME time for the mothers themselves. A place where you can connect and recharge. My daughter Skye was the inspiration for this retreat. I often talk to Skye about my personal development and how important it is to feel. Bas and I let Skye blossom. We don’t want to slow her down, punish or reject her and want to look at her without judgement.

My daughter Skye was the inspiration for this retreat.I often talk to Skye about my personal development and how important it is to feel. Bas and I let Skye blossom. We don’t want to slow her down, punish or reject her and want to look at her without judgement. Skye is the biggest mirror for me and she can teach me so much.By not placing expectations on her and taking responsibility for my feelings, I feel that there is room for Skye to be her pure self and that connects us. Living from the heart, thankfulness and lifting each other up is something that I find very important and that I teach Skye aswell. But the most important thing for our connection is time and sincere attention. I can see from my daughter how valuable our time together is, which is priceless. I found my other half in Liza. Her love for children, nature, healthy food all with a spiritual message. This fits exactly with how I see the upbringing of my daughter; conscious, high-spirited and free. Liza is a free spirit with her feet firmly on the ground but also dares to dream big, one of our messages in the philosophy of our retreat. “The future is for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” I look forward coming together with a beautiful group of inspiring mothers and daughters, 4 times a year, to create unforgettable and loving memories.


With luck I can say that I have been living in Ibiza for 4 years now with my partner and our daughter Lizzy. The choice to live a life more close to the core has been a dream for years and thisdream has come true.

From the first moment that I lived here, I worked as a children’s program writer and children’s yoga teacher at different parents and children’s retreats. Including Andalusia and Bali. The special moments between the parents and their children is very valuable. In my experience with children I see how important it is to have a flowing connection between parent and child. The children who don’t have to ask for attention or be seen often feel good and vice versa. Mothers sometimes rush to pick up the children from school and have a busy but happy family life. I ask these mothers to join our retreat and take time for their daughter. My connection with my own parents is very flowing and nice, which we keep working on every time. Loving contact and taking time for each other. My company Ibiza KidZ has a holistic view on education and dealing with children. Being outside in nature and recognising emotions are the main focus. We are a nursery/day care centre and organise summer camps in Ibiza. This retreat is about time. Taking time for each other. Making an imprint on the invisible golden line of mother and daughter. Recognising and acknowledging the longing for each other’s affection and charity. Renu is a conscious mother to her daughter Skye. Love and open communication are key values within her family. ‘Live healthy, be kind to each other and the world is at your feet’ is her motive. Her view on style and beauty gives our retreat just that little bit of extra luxury. This attention is the perfect balance when it comes to shine from within. Harmony is what it’s all about. Renu is the perfect partner for me when offering My daughter & me